Zip’r Roo Mobility Scooter Review


This 3 wheel scooter is suitable for users up to 250 lbs, and travels at speeds of up to 4 MPH in forward or reverse, while also coming apart easily for storage or transportation. It incorporates an intelligent braking system and aluminum wheels. The Zip'r Roo includes a convenient front basket and a foam seat with removeable arm rests.


  • Foldable foam filled, rotating seat
  • Removable arm rests
  • Available in blue or red
  • 3 wheels
  • 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Red or Blue color option
  • Basket


  Weight Capacity    250 lbs.
  Overall Length    37.4"
  Overall Width    19.5"
  Rear Weight    31 lbs.
  Front Weight    21 lbs.
  Seat Weight    22 lbs.
  Battery Weight    21 lbs.
  Overall Weight    102 lbs.
  Seat Dimensions    15" D x 16.5" W
  Drive Wheels    7.3" Solid
  Front Wheels    7.16" Solid
  Batteries    12V 12 AH x 2
  Charger    24V 2A Portable
  Maximum Speed    3.5 MPH
  Battery Range    10 Miles
  Maximum Incline Rating    8%
  Turning Radius    31.5"
  Ground Clearance    2"
  Motor Power    24 V 180W
  Anti-Tip Wheel    2.2" Solid
  Charging Time    10 Hours

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