Invacare Lynx L3 3 Wheel Scooter


Invacare's 3-wheeled Lynx is one of the fastest scooters in it's class, going up to 5 mph, and with a battery range of 7 miles you are able to go for hours. The Lynx scooter also has a comfortable padded seat with flip-back armrests that are also width-adjustable. The overall design is also roomier than other scooter models, allowing for taller and larger users comfortably.


  • Fastest 3-wheel travel scooter at 5 MPH
  • Charge the batteries on or off the scooter
  • 40" overall length for more leg room
  • Padded seat
  • Roomy
  • 7 mile range
  • 300 lbs weight capacity



  Weight capacity:    300 lbs.
  Max speed:    5 mph
  Turning radius:    39.4"
  Battery range:    7 mi
  Overall length:    39.8"
  Base width:    20"
  Seat width:    18"
  Front tire:    2" x 8"
  Rear tires:    2" x 8"
  Tires:    Foam Filled
  Disassembly pieces:    4 (not including basket)
  Maximum Incline Rating:   
  Charger:    On-board and Off-board
  Total Weight:    98 lbs.
  Ground Clearance:    1.5"

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